We have commercial boat charter experience working along the eastern seaboard of Australia. Offering a rare combination of skill including:

Marine Biology Consulting/Marine Environmental Studies

Our Skipper, Jonah
  • Light levels and sedimentation
  • Surveys of seagrass meadows and low-profile reef
  • Intertidal surveys of mangrove and saltmarsh studies
  • Fish surveys
  • Marine mammal and megafauna studies
  • Bathymetry surveys
  • Water column and water quality sampling
  • Sediment sampling using diver coring, piston samplers, grab samplers and drop corers

Port Stephens

  • Work crew transfer
    Work crew transfer

    Installation of navigation aids inshore, offshore or land based


    Maintenance of navigation aid

  • Service and repair of navigation aids
  • Inspection and repair/replacement of mooring and anchor apparatus of buoys
  • Solar repair and ongoing maintenance
  • Wharf maintenance

Commercial Boat Hire

  • For your project
  • Skipper and crew
  • 2C & 2D survey to 30 Nm off coast
  • Diving projects
  • Transportation of light cargo and stores
  • Crew transport
  • 2 tonne bollard pull

Testimonial – Varley

Cruisability recently supported our business providing state of the art vessel services for our shore based working crews. Their ability to transport our working parties safely to remote areas of the eastern coastline while providing all amenities and services at short notice was exceptional and professional. John and Cath from Cruiseability not only provided all employee meals and beverages during this period but went beyond our expectations ensuring all employees felt comfortable and safe aboard during varying sea conditions. We would recommend Cruiseability for any form of transportation or support services required at sea or to remote locations involving large numbers of people or specialised requirements.

Mario Reballato
Divisional Manager – Varley