Why not enjoy a morning or afternoon tea on beautiful Port Stephens or go to the outer islands experiencing and observing the amazing bird life diversity that exists on our shores.

Cormorants catch fish by swimming and diving in the ocean, bay and rock pools. They perch on the rock platforms or bollards, opening their wings and sunning themselves to dry their feathers and digest their latest seafood platter.

Port Stephens is a bird watching haven. You will find masses of long-legged shore birds – often hundreds at a time – gathering and feeding in the mangrove-ringed mud flats of the Myall River and various other estuary’s in the. Port Stephens is a naturally beautiful area, with plenty of reasons to visit all year round. In truth, it’s not a town in its own right, but rather a region that is divided into different areas; the Tomaree Peninsula, the Tilligerry Peninsula and the Golden Bight all surrounding the bay.

Hovering Nankeen Petrels and Kestrels can be observed using the updrafts of the cliffs to patrol the coastline, they are looking for large lizards, insects and rodents as prey.

Great for observers, groups or clubs, anyone of any ability looking for an interesting cruise.