With a warm and enthusiastic welcome, we are able to provide some amazing experiences for all our visitors-without having to worry about everyday obstacles.

Jonah & Cathie

Our Mission

We offer a unique and boutique cruising operation creating outdoor fun for everyone including the elderly and physically challenged to enjoy. We welcome you on board.

Through this web site we aim to open the doors to Port Stephens and its history, with its unique outer islands, marine parks and conservation areas. There are no limits to finding out what nature has to offer.

There are no limits to finding out what nature has to offer on the water.

Port Stephens Boat Charters

Boating in Port Stephens allows participants to enjoy the freedom of movement and independence – whether it’s a lazy afternoon on the harbour, the sunshine and wind in your face, or watching the wildlife from the water and the dolphins by the boat, the salty smells of the harbour, interaction brings it all to life. Improving health and well-being, growing in self-confidence, reconnecting with the community by reducing social isolation are just some of the benefits.

It will bring on a smile from ear to ear and really brighten your day to be in the great outdoors. It’s simply a wonderful experience for individuals of all disabilities and age groups. There is always something to see in beautiful Port Stephens.

Call Cruiseabililty – 0420 386 792.